Malware on my tablet

How can I get the WebRoot on my tablet. I have some malware on it, and I can't figure out how to transfer one of my several device protections over to the tablet.
Can anyone help?

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? what kind of a tablet is it? Is it an android device or an iOS one... ( or even an MS one )
Depending on that the install procedure may differ. What kind of malware do you have on it.
With a bit more information our resident experts can guide you better in getting the malware off & WSA installed on your tablet.
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Hi Bethmoline
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Well, if you have a multi device license and havd used up all your seats/devices then what you need to do is to sign into the web console (here) and deactivate one of the registered devices. Please see this KB Article for information as to how to do that.
Once you have done that you just download the latest installer from here (Best Buy from here) if it is a Windows tablet and install as you have done on your other PC devices. If your device is an Android one then please see here for working out which version to download and install. If you need specific install instruction then please post back here.
Regards, Baldrick


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