Minbox "Weather Forecast" iOS Malware

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I just removed malware from my iPhone. I have no idea how this happened. I was hoping someone here could tell me how to prevent it from happening again.

A new Email Inbox/account “My Accurate Forecast” mysteriously appeared a few days ago on my iPhone. I didn't notice it until dozens of SPAM emails started showing up as new mail.

It somehow inserts itself into your iOS Mail app as a new mailbox with a name from a random list of bogus “weather forecast apps”. Your box fills with SPAM shortly thereafter.

To remove it you locate a mysterious iOS Profiles config entry under Settings->General.
Look below legitimate profile entries (such as "iTunes Wi-Fi Sync" and (maybe) "VPN"). If you are infected you will see a third item "My Accurate Forecast" (or perhaps “Weather Radar 24”, etc.) .

Here is a Google photo album with pictures of these scary settings (new IMAP references, root certificate, etc)

Minbox "Weather Forecast" iOS Malware


iPhone X 256GB
iOS 12.1.2
Not Jailbroken

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