my mobile key shows a red x, will not accept my Login. Login OK on my PC.

  • 4 November 2014
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Have an I-pad, downloaded the mobile app, and created an account.  My PC shows secure, but it does not show that my I-pad is.  I select the red key on top try to Log in, but it wont accept it.  The Geek Squard at Best buy can not help me. 

1 reply

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Hello mida
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Can you tell me what version of Webroot do you have? This depends on what version you have in order to get Password Management. (SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus,SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete, or SecureAnywhere Antivirus)
Please have a look at this KB article and see if this helps.
And would you go here as well  this will explain more about iPad/IOS.
Your Ipad won't show in the Account Console.
Look this over and then please let us know if I haven't answered your question or if you need more help!
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