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  • 12 April 2015
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invitation code

1 reply

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Hi drsmolsky
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Would be most grateful if you would be less cryptic in terms of your question or issues.  What is exactly is the issue you have with the 'invitation code'?
In anticpation of confirmation of further information I will chance my arm on this one and say that this has something to do with contacting Apple to get an "invitation" code.  This is for the WSA Business version only and the invitation code requires an Apple Certificate from the Apple site.
If you need instructions/more detailed information in how to get the invitation code and Apple certificate then please see here & here. Alternatively you can or you can Submit a Support Ticket and the Support Team should be able to help you out.
So hopefully I have guessed right and answered your question, but if not then please get get back to us
Regards, Baldrick