• 17 May 2017
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I was trying to access "AAANETACCESS.COM"  on my Ipad and got an alert from apple that I may have been hacked. Any thoughts?

2 replies

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The message you are seeing is completely illegitimate. It's simply a phishing attempt that manifests as a hijack/redirect.

Your device is A-OK, nothing to worry about there.


Follow the steps in this article to clear Safari when this happens.


Hope this helps!

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EDITED: Looks like our Community Manager has answered your question..Thank you @


This sounds like this is a SCAM. I don't believe Apple would tell you your iPad has been hacked. You can go here if you think your device has been compromised. These Scams are happening to iPads and so do not click on any links...or call any number if listed.


Otherwise if you are a Webroot customer you can Contact Support by Submitting a Support Ticket

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