3 days left on subscription?

  • 16 February 2013
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I have just purchased Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete. I have successfully installed and registered it on two laptops. I have just installed it on my Android phone, however, it is saying that there is only 3 days left of the subscription (the trial period I guess). I have already entered product key number. I don't know where to go from here. Also when I log into my account, the PC Security section shows there are currently no PC's installed or protected when in reality there is. 

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6 replies

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Hello Will and welcome to the Forums!
On the laptops: when you installed and registered, did you allow the initial scan to fully complete?  Sometimes a computer will not show on the console until after the initial scan has been allowed to fully finish.  Also, there may be 10 minutes or so time before they will show as protected after that scan has finished.
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Have everything working?  If not, let us know what problems you are still having or Submit a Trouble Ticket so someone can get you up and going!
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Hi Will,
You're right that it was because it's still associated to the trial.  I took care of part of the issue for you already.  You'll still need to add the new keycode into your online console though.  To do so, go to , sign into your console, click your username, click Manage Keycodes, and click Add Product Keycode.  Once the new keycode is in the console, please follow up, because there is still one minor thing I'll need to do on this end to complete the process in this case.  🙂
I have added the product key that I received with my invoice (I'm sure I already did this somewhere along the way). Now there are two product keys in the console, I'm not sure where the first one come from. I'm running two laptops and one Android phone, should there be a product key for each or just one for the entire subscription? Anyway, what's next.
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I believe you should be all set on this end. I'm sending along a private message as well just to confirm you're using the correct keycode.
I uninstalled/ reinstalled Web Root Complete on my phone and followed the prompts with success. The online console now correctly shows all of the protected devices.
thanks mate.