All shields are turned off!

  • 6 March 2015
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I just installed Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile on my Galaxy S5 after having done the same for my new Surface Pro3.  I keep seeing "You may be at Risk" because my Install Shield, File System Shield, and Execution Shield is turned off.  It won't let me turn them on despite clicking the "Fix This Now" button for each item.  Not sure what to do about this.  I'm about to power down my device, wipe my cache, and reboot.  I'll see if that fixes it but don't understand why the "Fix This Now" button isn't working.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello and Welcome to the Community Forum,
Would you please open up WSA on your device and Open Security at the bottom on the left/Antivirus/ Shields/and look to see if you have all green checks in the boxes?
Thanks for the reply Sherry! That's the weird thing...they're all checked minus "Unknown Sources Shield" which I don't want turned on.  If they're all checked why is it telling me I may be at risk?!?
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I know you probably don't want to hear this but I think if you uninstall/reinstall that this woud be fixed. Have you cleared your caches? Do that after you uninstall/clear cache/reboot and then reinstall WSA again and let me know what happens. Are you up for that?
I guess I have no choice LOL!  I'll try clearing cache first and then reinstall if that doesn't work.  Be back in a bit. 🙂
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HI Again!
Here is how to clear your cache
Here is how Android users can clear there Bowser Cache using GOOGLE.
1.OPEN BROWSER2.HIT MENU KEY3.MORE OPTIONS BUTTON4.CLICK SETTINGS/ PRIVACY & SECURITY/CLEAR CACHE. Some of this is necessary to do a uninstall and reinstall of Webroot. 
 HOW TO CLEAR TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES ON ANDROID DEVICES STEPS: 1.OPEN SETTINGS2.LOOK FOR DEVICE/APPLICATION MANAGER/ (PRESS APPS/OPTION)3.LOOK FOR BROWSER APP. & SELECT IT4.PRESS CLEAR CACHE THIS ONLY WORKS FOR CERTAIN MOBILE PHONES.. How to Clear Cache in Webroot SecureWeb Browser:  How to Clear Cache in Webroot Secure Browser: 1.Open WSB in the right hand corner of Browser click to open2.Click on Settings/Scroll down to Cache3.Clear Cache (Clear browser and cookies)
Well, the uninstall/reinstall worked.  Didn't take very long either.  Thanks for your help!
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Thanks for letting us know!