Android "Incompatible Application" blocking re-install of Webroot after OS upgrade

  • 30 January 2013
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My Android phone OS was upgraded today to "ice cream sandwich", which wiped out all the apps.  Went to to reinstall the apps.  Trying to reinstall "SecureAnywhere Complete" and "Webroot Security & Antivirus".  Getting the "Incompatible Application" warning while trying to launch "SecureAnyhere".   Incompatible with what?   I can not even close the warning screen, other than to minimize it.  This never happened before and I have no idea what is causing this and how to get past this.   Webroot please advise.   [Phone: Samsung Captivate Glide]

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8 replies

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Correct that's the only one to install and it has the most features compared to the others and it's the only one that will accept the Complete keycode. So uninstall all and install that one only fresh and then your email address and keycode. If you continue to have problems the Webroot Staff will be online 7AM to 5PM MST or you can Submit a Support Ticket for further help.
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Hello Jeff-in-GA and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.
Do you have a subscription for Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete for PC`s & Mobiles`s? If you do you should install this version only and install your correct email address and keycode. If you don't please reply back.
Yes I have a subscription to "SecureAnywhere Complete" .  I'm confused now - is that the only product I need to install, and I should NOT install "Webroot Security & Antivirus"??  
Maybe the problem is that I was trying to install both of them, because they were both listed in the page. 
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Hi Jeff-in-GA,
Welcome to the Webroot Community and sorry to hear you're having some issues. T.H is absolutely right in that our SecureAnywhere Complete mobile app is the only one you'll need to install and use if you have a SecureAnywhere Complete subscription for your PC. That said, I looked up your info and wasn't able to find a SecureAnywhere Complete subscription. I do see that you have and active keycode for SecureAnywhere Antivirus, though. If you do have a Complete keycode, can you please send it to me via Private Message so I can look it up? Let me know!
I reinstalled "SecureAnywhere Complete" after my Android phone OS upgrade to "ice cream sandwich".   I repeatedly get the "Login failed" error message, staing that "The email or password you entered is incorrect". I am certain that it is NOT incorrect because I have successfuly & repeatedly logged into  (from my pc) using the exact same email & password.  I assume that the email & password to initialize the Webroot app on my phone is identical to the one I use to log-in to WebRoot on-line - otherwise I don't know what it could be.   Someone please advise. 
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Hi Jeff,
I moved your post to this thread as your new issue is related to the incompatibility issue you were having originally. Can you please follow the aforementioned link in my post to Private Message me the keycode so I can reference it in our system?
Thank You!
I appreciate your help.  I did send you a private e-mail.
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*This issue was resolved with the customer via PM as it required keycodes and email addresses.*