anti virus without secureweb?

I have secure anywhere complete but when I download mobile antivirus it installs secureweb. I don't want the secureweb because it's slow and very buggy and constantly crashes on every site, even google.. Can I have one without the other? Also does it count as a new serial use everytime I reinstall webroot on my phone?

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Welcome to the forums Internalmemory!
On the question regarding key code usage: it might be counting each time, but that will not matter.  WIth your computer, log into your MyWebroot Account or create an account if you have not done do.  You can manage all of the devices using your key code in there.  If by some glitch your phone is listed more than once, you can remove them from in here.
As for the SecureWeb question: I will have to leave that one for someone who has a little more experience than myself.
Thank you so much for the key code help, I do have an account and I like webroot on the PC so it'd be nice to have the extra uses if I can.
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The MyWebroot makes it easy to manage a key code across all devices.  If you have WSA Complete on a computer, and that computer bites the dust, you can remove the license from it.  The same goes for any device the key code is associated with.
Good good, now to figure out if I can keep secureweb off my phone:)
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I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with the app. We could look at the problems you're having if you'd like.

SecureWeb is dropped as part of the rest of the Complete apk, so unfortunately there is no way to separate it out. If you're looking to not use the app, is there some reason you would not want to just leave it and not use it? It's only 1MB in size, and you can always pick a different default browser.
Well the app is fine, I really like the scanning and the back up system, and more importantly being able to lock or wipe my phone if it's lost. But secureweb seems to continuously hijack my browser even when I struggle to make my standard browser the default. I would have no problem with secureweb but 1. It hides my alerts so I can't bring down my text messages or etc. and 2. The phone keeps saying "device is secure" every few moments and every time it says that, secureweb takes me back to the first page (google search). I wasn't even able to get to this forums because in mid load it would go black for a moment and take me back to the google search.
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1. That sounds like you might need to "clear defaults" to release any possible default action SecureWeb might have been chosen to perform.

The path for that would be something like Android Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > SecureAnywhere > Clear Defaults

2. This one I'm not sure about.  When a scan completes, it says "You are protected," so it's not a scan.  A screenshot of this issue would be helpful if you could obtain one.

The point about it covering up the alerts is a good one.  That was the subject of some discussion, and it would be a good idea if we could track feedback on how customers feel about this.  If you would like to submit an idea in the Ideas Exchange for something like "SecureWeb should not cover the alerts area" we can start to track feedback on that observation more effectively.
I did try the clear defaults, and I'm not 100 percent saying it's the app itself, my phone isn't the best. It's a Huawei Ascend 2 from straight talk. It's there a way to take screenshots of my phone?
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I bit and posted the idea to the Ideas Exchange.  I like the suggestion
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It looks like screenshots might take some effort on that device.  I found you a tutorial, but it looks a little complicated.  You could always take a picture with another device too.  It's a low-tech method, but sometimes the easy way is the preferable way if it gets the job done.
Thank you lol, that would have been a lot of work for me since I don't have internet on my computer right now and I'm doing all of this on my phone
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I don't believe I ever got that screenshot. Does the issue persist, and are we relatively certain it's Webroot-related? We'll still be happy to help, but a screenshot would be pretty handy considering the description.
**We haven't heard back, so we'll tentatively mark this as solved.  If the issue persists, please reply.