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Battery Usage on Android

  • 31 January 2013
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I'm seeing massively high battery usage from Webroot on my Android.  Why?


If you run a scan immediately after unplugging from a power source, the metrics presented in the Android OS battery usage meter are skewed by virtue of the fact that it starts tabulating battery usage immediately following the disconnection from the power source. Likewise, readings may be similarly skewed if you have just installed Webroot for the first time, ran the first scan, and then checked consumption in Webroot's own App Inspector.  Most battery monitors work like how gas mileage on a car is calculated for a single trip.  Immediately when you turn on the car, it shows you 0.0 MPG, and as you start to drive, that number increases.  Not having enough data to go off of, the results are skewed until enough data is available for the reading to be statistically valid.  Try leaving your Android on for a while and checking back in again later.  You will likely see that percentage decrease dramatically.  If the battery usage is still unexpectedly high, please feel free to open a support case, and Support can take a look for you.

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