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  • 12 March 2013
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Is there a way enter wildcards for blocked numbers. For example your getting calls from a place that has several number in a block like 111-222-3300 through 3320. Instead of having enter every number (21 numbers) is there a wild card that could be used (111-222-33XX)?

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2 replies

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As far as I am aware, that is not an option.  This could potentially be a good candidate for an Ideas Exchange idea if you'd like to submit the idea for consideration by our product managers.  The downside is that a person could end up blocking too many numbers that way, so probably this would need to be limited to the last two digits only.  There may be other considerations that aren't occurring to me straightaway, but we can give it some thought.
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Hi bigred and welcome to the Community!
I like this idea.. if you post it into the ideas forum I will gladly put a Kudo on it.  If you do not post it.. I might do so myself.