Cannot uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile

  • 21 September 2013
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I've noticed that you've attempted to reset your security code twice in recent history, but I show no requests for resetting your password.  It's possible you're trying to enter your security code rather than your password.  It's also possible that resetting your password could solve the problem.  Could you please try resetting your password from this link?  Then you can try uninstalling again.  


On a mobile device, in order for it to pick up this password reset, that device is going to have to be online, so please make sure you're in an area with good data connectivity or you're connected to wi-fi.  Otherwise, if, for instance, the device is in airplane mode, it won't pick up the password reset.  It would still allow you to uninstall, but it would be trying to reference against your old password rather than your new one.  I hope this info is helpful.  :)