cell phone hack for iphone & android

  • 28 February 2014
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I have recently been a victim of identity theff and have found out what and how they did it.  No matter what I do if I turn on my mobile data when at m moms someone hijacks my phone and changed the device access code even so i'm locked out of my phone.  They time out my phone when searching websites like Amazone and they change my passwords to my email and facebook page and I'm unable to log in.  I know that they have to be within wifi range for them to hijack or see what your seeing on your phone, but how can i prevent them from connecting with my phone I dont have WIFI no more I like to use the mobile data, is there something I can do besides change my number or format the phone to prevent this cause those two options dont work. 

2 replies

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reset your phone to defaults, do not reinstall any apps from your back up, connect and see what happens, this should give you an idea if it's a malicious app you've downloaded in the past or if it's some other attack vector.
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Hi I was wondering if you had a SIM card and if you replaced it with your phone vendor reporting this problem and if you have a SD card, back up your information and format it or buy new SD card. Sometimes the SIM card gets hacked and the SD card has a program on it that might be triggering your issues. All depends on what phone you have. Or contact service provider.