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  • 3 April 2021
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Version is draining my battery on Android 11. On my battery usage history, it is showing it accounts for 40% of my battery usage, the highest app by far with everything else below double digits. What is everyone else’s battery usage? Is this normal? 


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7 replies

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Hello @oSnapMillerTime 


v6 has been released so you will have to uninstall v5 and then install v6!


Release Notes:



I have a similar problem, also getting warnings from Android (11) that Webroot is overloading the system.

Following the advice above I tried to upgrade, but Google Play seems to have only one version of Webroot, and it is version 5.  I could not find any reference to version 6, apart from the message above.


I have now uninstalled it, but will also cancel my subscription as this phone was the main reason for allowing the renewal.

I regret it, as Webroot used to be light and reliable.

I agree, I received no email or message that v6 was out so I would have just kept wondering why webroot was draining my battery. V6 seems to be performing better but now I'm a bit skeptical to use it since who knows if another version comes out and doesn't update automatically nor do I get notified to do it manually. 

Thank you. v6 seems to have been released somewhere, but 'it is not available in your country'. Unfirtunately, 'your country' does not mean your country, but mine. Are you suggesting that I should illegaly download it through a vpn? If so, which country shoud that be? Or woud you care to point me to a legal source?  You sell the thing to any loser anywhere, perhaps should consider the whereabouts of customers. Or at least let me know when I can expect it. And perhaps offer a partial redund, as you recognise the problem (serious enough to prevent use) and the need of a fix, but the fix is not available. 

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Hello @zrakoncz 


I will ping the Webroot Staff to see what they can add. @khumphrey  @alevine  @freydrew 


Can you tell us what Country your having issues at?



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@zrakoncz - Please let me know which country in which you’re getting this error message. I’ll ask our support and product teams what the best solution would be. 

I’m in Belgium.  When I go to the Play Store, I only see the old version (5) which I had been advised to uninstall.  When I got the direct link from Triple Helix, I could see the app, but got the message I sent you (“not available in your country”).