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  • 18 September 2013
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Does anyone know if webroot antivirus and security app for android scans your gmail emails or any other type of emails that could be dangerous.If not i think updating the app with that type of security would be a genius idea.

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15 replies

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That's a good question! Rather than scan the emails themselves, Webroot scans for bad things that could come from the emails. For instance, if you click on a malicious link in an email and you choose to open that link with SecureWeb, Webroot prevents the link from loading a malicious website. Similarly, if you try to download a malicious file from an email, Webroot will pick up the malicious file. So yes, it does protect against threats in emails.
Thanks for the info.That is very good to know.I feel more secure knowing this new information Webroot has provided.Thanks.
Would like to much obliged for imparting this with us....May it favorably works and shows greater results....
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This is actually a better approach as links and attachments are dormant till visited or executed.

One suggestion regarding links in emails - most modern web browsers allow you to see where the link is pointing to when you hover the mouse over the link, certainly when using the PC. Malicious and phishing links usually point to somewhere else than the one displayed. Not always, but it's worth noting.
The type of scan i was reffering to would be like as you download an app out of google play,then your antivirus scans it and lets you know if its bad.I was wondering if webroot would,or could scan an email as it comes in to the phone and then scans it before i open the email itself?In other words a scan before i read it/ open the email.
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The android app works exactly as you described 🙂 It will scan APK`s before they are installed and if they are bad you will get an alert. As for the email issue the majority of android users have a gmail account as there primary, gmail is excellent at filtering out junk/spam and malicious content.
I tell you it is really good to get rapid responses from you guys and good information.Thanks.
Had an associate that opened an attachment on an email from a client on Microsoft Office that contained Spyware that allowed the hacker to go into his emails. Does Webroot take care of this? Does anyone know a sure fire way to protect against this?
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Hello viper24g and welcome to the Webroot Community!
Unfortunatly, there is no 100% guaranteed "sure fire" way to protect against ALL threats.  That being said, Webroot has a very good record of catching malware delived in this manner.  Do note that Webroot will not block the email from being downloaded into Outlook (the Microsoft Outlook email client).  The message will download, and you can read the text of it.  What Webroot WILL do is scan the attachment when if/when an attempt is made to open it and block the malware at that point.
That is quite a bit different than from how many AV's operate.  The idea is to protect the computer, not slow it down by scanning each and every email as they come in.  Blocking malware at time of attempted exectution is just as effective, and a lot easier on computer resources.
In short, yes.  Webroot takes care of this.
What is the procedure to Scan a suspected attachment?
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I am not sure of the best way, but what I do is save the attachment to file without opening it, and then scan the file by use of the 'right click menu' before I do try to open it.
so I got an email from someone that is trusted and she sent the same email to 4 other people. (about work stuff) well the work computers would not let the email go through.  Webroot and msn didn't detect anything but the next day my entire contact list was hacked and sent msg via facebook.  (the accounts are linked) I changed both accounts passwords (different ones) but how do I scan the email to find out if it truely has something attached?
also there was no link in the email it was just normal talking.
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Hello and welcome to the Webroot Community!
You say the email waa sent by someone trusted, and there was no link contained.  Has that person had the same problems as you with accounts being hacked?
While the work system did not allow the email through, are you quite sure it was blocked as malware?  Did you check spam folders or contact your site IT to request assistance?  My own work environment contains spam filters, so many spam items will not even get to my desk at all.
If the person who sent the email is not affected, maybe the email isn't actually the culprit.
You may want to review the programs installed on your own computer and all browser plug-ins.  Also, check all Facebook apps associated with your account.  The culprit could well be a roque Facebook app or Android app you have connected to Facebook that shared the contact data.
While it might have been in the email, your post leaves enough questions that i have doubts as to the source of the leak.  Do you still have the suspect email?  You might want to submit a Trouble Ticket (see link below) and let Webroot Supoort take a look at the email, as well as anything else they can find.
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Hello again!
We have another post today of an issue that may be related to yours.