Email service attack?

  • 14 December 2020
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I have a Galaxy A50 protected by Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile .. Version           

definition set: up- to-date. Scans come back clean.

I have 2 email accounts, (a and a Recently I have found that I am unable to delete emails from my Recycle Bin (they reappear a short time later),

with the gmail account (which I hardly use) they drop into my 30 day spam bin , and fail to permanently delete when I click on the link. This seems to generate another email trying to tempt me into clicking on it. These emails are really aggressive in nature.

sync is set to ON at present.

I am presently using my desktop in compiling this report. (Scanned and clean, Webroot Secure AnyWhere Complete v ) I use Mozilla Thunderbird as my desktop third party, although I haven't accessed my emails through Thunderbird since the onset

I haven’t sent any emails since this has started

I have not knowingly clicked on or opened any malicious emails that I am aware


looking forward to hearing from you






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4 replies

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Hi Ade, thank you for your question.  Can you help us better understand the situation you’re seeing by providing some additional information?

Are you running a standalone email application (vs. within a browser) for  If so, what is the app.  if you are running it in a browser, which browser are you using

Also, what country are you in?  we have a brand new instance of our mobile security app called Webroot Mobile Security that might help.  Webroot Mobile Security (v6) will replace Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile 5.x going forward


Best, Andy

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You could try resetting your sync, but probably better to log out, then back in to both of your email accounts

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Hi Andy, I’m in England

The 1st part of the conundrum is back to normal, running as it should.

On my mobile, I use the Samsung  ‘Email’  app for my email.

On the 27th November there was an update for the app which unfortunately contained a bug relating to my issue.(not allowing a permanent deletion from the Recycle bin). A bug fix update downloaded yesterday seems to have cleared the issue.


It looks as though the timing of both issues (Samsung app and the Gmail app) was somewhat unfortunate, would you agree, as I don’t see them as being linked? especially as they refer to me as ~~~~~~~~~~~    (the first part of my address identifier)


At present in the Gmail app there are 3 unopened ‘enticing emails’ in my 30 day/or 1 click permanent delete spam bin, that I cant get rid of. If I open the spam bin to take a peek and/or attempt to permanently delete what’s in there, then more seem to appear  either straight away or after a short time. if I leave it alone, then nothing seems to happen.

these emails try to convince me to click on them for some voucher, money, surprise gift, even one boasting that my phone was infected with2 viruses !      

Hi    JAQ-PC


Thanks Ade

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HI, thanks for your replies. Apologies for it being a while.

Since then I have been having problems with both my mobile and desktop.

All scans come back as clear and green, but I am not entirely convinced.

I use LastPass, and this has been targeted , I have changed  the master password and latterly downloaded a recent critical windows update on my desktop (8.1) which has improved matters somewhat.

I feel as though I am being set up for a  hit and run  attack and feel extremely vulnerable

Can anyone recognise this behaviour as a hack, or am I going round the twist?

thanks in advance