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  • 17 January 2013
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I recently renewed the Anywhere Complete license and tried to enter the new code on my wife's phone. Got to General Settings>Support options>Force license check, and when the check button is clicked, there is nothing.  How do I then enter the new code?  Thanks.

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10 replies

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I have associated your MyWebroot account with your new keycode and I have also given you the days that were remaining on the previous one. 😉
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You can now reinstall the SecureAnywhere Complete app (uninstall and reinstall from the Google Play Store) and use the new keycode that I have sent you in a private message. You can use the same credentials associated with your MyWebroot account that you have previously been using.
When reinstalling on my wife's phone, it says password or email incorrect.  Double checked and retried several times 😞
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I re-checked your account on the back-end and pushed an update to it. Your newest keycode is now associated to your MyWebroot Account, not the one with 18 days remaining. I have sent you the keycode to use and as a last resort we can start over with a fresh online account and keycode.
We're probably going to have to start fresh.  My main computer, even though logged in, does not show up on the console.
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Please do a scan and it will show up on the Web Console if it still doesn't show report back.
Sorry, no go. And I still can't get the code to work on either phone now.  And the code caused a reversion back to warning that there's only 2 weeks left on my wife's laptop now. 
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Looking at your account, the issue you're reporting is probably occurring because the newer keycode was never added to the console. Please sign into your console, click your username at the top right, click Manage Keycodes, and add the new keycode Mike sent you. Until it's been added, the console doesn't know to look for data from that keycode.

Then be certain to replace the old keycode with the new one in your installations on the various computers. To do that, open up SecureAnywhere, go to My Account, and click "Activate a new keycode."

Does that help?
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Dont forget that after you have followed Jims directions, make sure that your wife's laptop has that new keycode, and then RUN A SCAN.
I recently did a key code change myself, and I had the issue of the key code reverting back to the previous about to expire one.. but I didnt run a scan.  After running a scan, the computer retained the new key code.
ALL of these answers are correct.  Thanks everyone, all systems up and running!   *passes cookies around* 😃