galaxy s8 not detected in mobile security console

  • 24 May 2018
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had my s8 for say 5 months with webroot secure anywhere installed for same time but online account console for mobile security phone is not detected, i click add device but basically tells me how to install to phone which ive already done months ago

3 replies

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Sorry to hear you are having issues. Please read below and check to see if your permissions are set correctly in your Online Account Console.
If you have Admin permission you can edit permissions for other users in your account, as well as your own.
Go to the Account Console and log in. 

 Locate the user whose permissions you want to change and click the edit icon.

The Account Settings page opens to the User Details tab.
Once logged in, click your email address at the upper right corner and choose "Manage Users" from the dropdown.
Locate the profile (Email address) you are wanting to use to log in.  Check to make sure that all permissions are set to Access. You will need Mobile Security set to access.
If these permissions are not correct, click the little "person icon" at the far right end of the profile you need to edit.  On the next screen, click the Access & Permissions tab at the top.  Adjust your settings here.
Specify this user's access level for this account:
User Access Levels
Give this user console access?Click Yes to open a list of the products available to this user.

Specify the permissions for each product:
  • No Access disables access to the product, so that the product doesn't appear on the Webroot SecureAnywhere website. If a user is not licensed for a product, No Access is the only available permission. Users who have No Access to Webroot SecureAnywhere cannot access the SecureAnywhere website.
  • Basic gives the Webroot SecureAnywhere user access to the SecureAnywhere consoles and account settings. Basic gives the PC Security user read-only access to PC scans.  
  • Admin access gives the Webroot SecureAnywhere user access to all keycodes, users, and account settings in the account. Admin access gives the PC Security user the ability to edit that computer's scan policy.
If you have these permissions set and you still do not see your Galaxy 8 listed in the Account Console then you will need to Submit A Trouble Ticket for assistance.  Changes to settings in the Account Console can take 20-30 minutes.
Hope this helps, and please keep us posted.
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There's another reason your device might not be showing up.  It might not be linked to the right account or it might not be linked to any account.
To check if this is what's going on, open the app and tap the menu button (three dots in the upper right corner) and tap Register. On this page it says "Email address". If this shows the same email address as your console, then I would follow Sherry's advice and submit a trouble ticket. 
However, my guess is there will be no email address listed on the registration page. If that's the case, there's an easy fix. You just need to login to the app to connect it to your console.  The easiest way to do this is turning on Lost Device Protection. If you don't care for that feature and don't want it enabled, don't worry, you can cancel the setup for that feature after the login is successful.
Here are steps to follow to login on the device:
  1. Open the app and tap the "Identity & Privacy" tab at the bottom.
  2. Tap "Lost Device Protection."
  3. Next to "Device protection," tap the button that says it's currently "OFF" to turn it on.
  4. An account creation screen comes up. Tap "I already have a Webroot account."
  5. Login using the same account credentials you use for your console and tap "Login to Account." If this works, it will say "Account Login Successful."
  6. At this point, you can either continue to follow the prompts to turn this feature on, or you can hit the back button to cancel the setup.
I hope that helps!
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Thank you @ 
I saw that answer you gave in the Webroot online Support in the Android section. But decided to go the Permission route first. Thanks again for your help! 😉 Much appreciated!