Help with downloading my PDF

  • 8 March 2017
  • 3 replies

Chrome allows download of PDF file. Webroot mobile app does not. I checked Chrome and the PDF file is mine. I was testing the download when I discovered the issue.

Webroot on the PC allows the download. My browsers are webroot.

3 replies

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Hello Higherel,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
May I ask if you have downloaded/.installed Adobe Reader from the Google Play Store.
If you still are having issues the please Submit a Support Ticket and the Suppoirt Team will investigate this issue. This is a free service with a Webroot subscription.
Hope this helps?
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Hello @ and welcome to the Webroot Community!

Could you provide us some more information in regards to this issue?

1. When you say Chrome, are you referring to Chrome on your Mobile Device or on your PC?
2. What website are you downloading it from?
3. What happens when you try to download? Is there an Error? Is there any other behavior?
4. Is the issue downloading any PDF file or just this specific one? And is it from only this specific website or any website?
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Hi Webrooters.  I hope everyone is doing exceedingly well.  The addition of my wife's android to my Webroot account
went great!!!  I'm very thankful for that..  Quick question if someone can help:  I have Windows 8.1.  Is there a way I can extend
the amount of time the computer waits before defaulting to the sign-in screen if computer is inactive.  Presently I seem
to have about 30 seconds or less... it's a pain in the drain.  I can't figure out how to either disable the feature or add some
time.  Help if you can.  Best to all.