Hi... I downloaded LOOKOUT onto my smartphone

  • 14 July 2015
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 I am wondering if I have 2 antivrus apps on my phone - that it may pose a problem. I forgot about my webroot svc on my PC and that I could use it on my smartphone. So I purchased LOOKOUT for 80bucks a year. They are currently both still on my Galaxy4 smartphone. Other than being an idiot, can it do damage to the phone having 2 antivirus apps running at once?? Thanks for your help....Rich

1 reply

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Hello @,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
WSA is DIFFERENT.  It was designed to be compatible with other AV solutions. WSA and other AVs can actually work together just fine.
Many of the users here on the Community who use WSA along with another solution on a PC. Even though you are using on a mobile device is rare I think on a cell phone to have two AVs .You will in fact use more resoruces and battery on your phone by running two AV's. But you should be ok.
If you run into any issues then give us a holler.
Hope this helps,
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