How Can I Change My Email Address With Webroot?

  • 8 September 2015
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I attempted to open a ticket but it keeps asking me for a password.  I enter my webroot login password and it doesn't accept it.

I changed my gmail address because the one I was using is getting too much spam.  I don't understand why Webroot doesn't allow the change of an email address on your account.

Being that I cannot open a ticket, I am posting here and wishing for the best.
Thank You,

1 reply

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Hello, welcome back!
When you try to log into the Support system, it DOES use it's own password. (Yes.. it is annoying, but that is how it is.)  Please use the same email address, but look closely, and you should see a link you can click if you have forgotten that password.  Click that link.
The Support system will send you an email with the password you need to use.
I hope this helps,