I have a Kindle HD that is on the same system as my pc with a router. is it auto protected

  • 5 January 2016
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is my kindle hd automatically protected by webroot.  I have a router which provides me access to the web with my kindle.  If it is NOT protected, please tell me what to do to connect to webroot.  I have had a notice from Google saying i might have a virus on it.  I use the kindle 90% more thatn the pc

1 reply

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Hi 1940
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As far as I am aware The Kindle operating system is based on Linux, and although there is some malware that can attack it you're unlikely to run into any in the normal course of using the Kindle because the web browser doesn't support most capabilities that these things attack.
As for WSA protection...'No' your Kindle per se is not automatically protected by WSA but your network, i.e., what you Kindle is connected to is...so any virus floating around your network would dealt with by WSA most likely before it could reach your Kindle.
In terms of the "notice from Google saying i might have a virus" message please provide what additional information you can about this as this is unusual to say the least.
Regards, Baldrick