I'm having issues registering my mobile device for webroot. It wont take the keycode?

  • 18 May 2015
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I'm havingissues registering my mobile device for webroot. When I enter the webroot secure anywhere keycode it won't take it.

1 reply

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Hello ADVlll,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
This might be a case where you aren't installing the correct version Webroot mobile.If you have the wrong version that could cause an issue with the keycode.. Can you check HERE? Or look hereat the Google Play Store or let me know what version you have.
Then I might add have you tried a copy and paste instead of typing in the keycode? Sometimes that works for certain types of cell phones. Example of a keycode is a 20 digit code SA69-AANA-A783-DE78-C584
If you continue to have issues then please submit that Support Ticket . Free of charge with an active subscription and they will look into this for you.
Kind Regards,