Im being spied on with my wifi or ip address on my mobile phone what I do?

  • 1 February 2015
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7 replies

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Hi caseyallen74
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May I ask how you know that this is the case?  What has altered you to this or leads you to suspect that this is the case?  A little more informaiton would be useful in allowing us to help you.  Also, when you say WiFi are you referring to WiFi hotspots outside that you would have little or no control over or WiFi in your home, over which you do have control?
If the former then all I can say is that I do not use them much myself and certainly not for anything other than basic browsing on the go, as they are generally 'Open' networks.  If the latter, i.e., your home WiFi network, then the most immediate thing to do is to (i) change the access password to something loner & stronger than you have now (mix of upper/lower case characters, numbers and special characters (ii) enable MAC address identification & and (iii) once you have reconnected all legitiate devices, then turn off the SSID broadcast feature...which means that people will not be able to freely see your WiFi network's name, etc.
With regard to the mobile phone IP address...if you have been given a static address by your phone/ISP then I would recomemnd that you contact them, explain the issue and ask them to replace the IP address.  Do note that if your IP address assignment is variable, i.e.e, changes each time that you connect then the issue may be transitory and just due to you being temporarily assigned an IP address that has been compromised still notify your phone/ISP provider.
If you can provide more information as requested in the 1st paragraph then we can check on the speculative advice provided and hopefully hone it some more.
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Because the ppl in question know things they shouldnt. My phone shuts off by its self makes noise all sudden an they have even accessed my webroot account. I don't know what to do. I sent in a log from my app that should say it all. I tried posting screen shoots here but wont let me
An I dont have a wifi modem but they have gotten the wifi mac address an more. I was friends with the ppl in question an use to share hot spot connection an blue tooth etc
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OK, you cannot post images yet due to restriction based on your level of 'newness' in the Community.
All I can say in response to your further information is that unfortuantely if one shares such connections with others then this sort of thing can happen, and unless you stop sharing then you leave yourself open to continued intrusion.
Is there anyway that you can get your own wireless router and so establish your own WiFI network?  That would certainly put paid to the invasion of privacy via WiFi wehen at home?  And in terms of the phone-related issues I would seek advice from your phone service provider as to what best to do.
@ are you able to offer any more or better advice on this issue?  I am not sure if opening a support ticket re, this would be of any help.
Regards, Baldrick
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Yes Submit a Support Ticket ASAP so they can see what's going on. Also after I would install a free or paid VPN see here: if you choose paid I use this Vendor and it works perfect on my PC and Android Phone. and here is there website: and the price is very reasonable.
Daniel 😉
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Thanks, Daniel...I was sure that you would have some first class advice to offer...;)
Regards, Baldrick