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  • 29 April 2013
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I have the HTC DNA  and I was reading the installation information. I was wondering if it actually does a factory reset on your phone when it wants to. I have way too much on my phone if it does this. Please hellp.

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2 replies

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Hello SnowBunnyNomz and welcome to the Webroot Community!
I believe the mobile version can do a remote wipe of the phone (which would be much like a factory reset), but it should only do this when you send a command to the phone for this to happen via the online Account Console  This is a feature of the software to protect your data in the event the device is lost or stolen, but I am not aware of cases in which the software caused the phone to do this without a command being sent.
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A device Wipe immediately locks the device and wipes all personal data from it. The SD card will have its contents completely removed, all photos, videos, browser downloads, contacts, calendar entries, call logs, browser bookmarks/history, SMS messages, secondary email accounts, and the primary Gmail password. The account itself will only be deleted with a factory reset.
Webroot Mobile Security turns off the Auto-sync function so it will not delete anything you've previously uploaded to the Gmail servers (contacts/calendar entries).
The Wipe command can be send from a device (command followed by your password) or from your My Webroot Account.
Example: My password is Webroot811 and I want to send a Wipe command from an associates' phone. I would send "Wipe Webroot811"