• 5 October 2015
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I installed webroot on my laptop, now where are the installation instructions for my 2 android tablets and my Apple iphone?

1 reply

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Hello there, welcome to the Community!
For you Android, it depends on which version of WSA you purchased: WSA-Internet Security Plus or WSA-Complete.  Please refer to this KB Article for assistance here.
For your iOS device, it is a little bit different.  You will download the SecureWeb browser, and if your license is for WSA-Complete you can also install the SecureSync app as well.
Please note that in order to correctly use ANY of the mobile apps with your account, you will need to make sure that your Account Console is configured correctly.  You will need to do this with ALL users you have created.
  • Log into the Account Console
  • Click your email address at the upper right
  • Select Manage Users
  • Click the edit symbol at the far right of the user profile you need to enable Passwords on
  • Click the Access&Permissions tab
  • Check ALL permissions.  Give yourself Access or Admin (your main user only for Admin is suggested) to ALL areas that are available
  • Put a check in the box at the bottom to enable Passwords
  • Save your changes.
I hope this helps!