IP address range for activation & definition updates

  • 19 April 2013
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We use SOTI MobiControl and it has recently introduced interated webroot Android AntiVirus.  To allow our mobile devices to connect to the Internet to activate the webroot Anti-Virus and also update the virus definitions we need to configure our firewall to allow access to the IP range.
Could someone provide me with the IP range for activate webroot Anti-Virus Android and the IP range used to update virus definitions?

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6 replies

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Hello ascoyne and welcome to the Webroot Community!
This sort of questions needs Webroot folks to answer. So you can either contact support directly by means of opening a support ticket or wait here for moderators who should show up within a few hours.
However, if I can suggest, I would open a ticket because I am not sure whether Webroot folks would want to solve the IP address issue publicly. Moreover support works 24/7 so you can get a reply very soon.
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Hi ascoyne and welcome to the Community.:)

I second pegas' suggestion. Kindly open a support ticket and your issue will be solved very quickly and smoothly.;)
Thanks guys. I have raised a support ticket Webroot directly.
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Thanks for the info :D  For the sake of clarity, please be so kind and revert later to mark this thread as solved.
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Sorry to bother you ascoyne but can I understand that support has already resolved your issue? I meant to mark it as solved only after support has resolved it for you.
They have part answered the query, but I am still awaiting a extra pieces of information.