Is AccuWeather an ignore?

  • 11 April 2015
  • 2 replies

I have new android tablet and first thing I do is install webroot and it hits on a preinstalled app, the AccuWeather is being tagged as a trogan.  Is this a always ignore?

2 replies

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Hello dmarusek1,
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This looks like a false positive. I have installed Accuweather on my Android mobile and Webroot didn't say this program was a threat. So I'd ignore.
Hope this helps!
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Hi dmarusek1
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Agreed, most definitively a False Positive unless you have downloaded an app of a similar sounding name that may not be all that it is purporting to be.
If you are finding this troublesome then please Open a Support Ticket to let the Support Teram so that they can investigate it and if necessary whitelist the file concerned.  Just point them at this thread and you should not need to provide them with any further information unless they ask for it.
Regards, Baldrick