james vaughn

  • 1 July 2020
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found out locked out out everything not getting even medical help,no answers,no help.tried to use webroot to find answers,none waiting,but everything used on webroot and looking at pictures and text.have been put on hold,but i understand,.sometimes can’t understand the why’s.but talking to texas,colorado tech 3 office and someone can message me back.still replying to many emails

2 replies

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Hello @jamo795 


Not really sure if I’m understanding as to what your saying but are you sure your in contact with the real Webroot support? Webroot Customer Service if not then contact the one I just gave you.


There are Fake Webroot Support that try to scam users so be careful.



i have a intruder and cannot even get help from the webroot community or even webroot.i am locked out of everything daily