The latest push of a software update on Android devices has issues that need to be fixed.  Immediately after installing the Error Message "WEBROOT has Stopped Working" kept popping. which I needed to manually restart the app.....also the webroot shield in the top upper status line on the phone kept disappearing...ischeck my settings and I did have it set to "display constant protection.....but even when the program would not  stop which it did 8 times in the first 4 hours after install the shield would disappear.
Things I have tried.
1) Rebooted the phone( Samsung Galaxy Note 3).....did not work.
2) Hard Rebooted the phone.....did not work
3) Unistall Webroot Secure Anytime Paid Service and reinstall it..........did not work.
This needs to be fixed !!!!!!
On a different note  - what is going on at Webroot ?  I mean WTH folks?  The last three software issues has had problems.... you folks have not had a clean release in a while and quite frankly if I wasn't paying for the service I would just download a different one.....I use to never post for YEARS...why?  Becasue there was never any issues...seems like WEBROOT has some problems in beta-testing prior to release or rushing before fully tested.....either way The past 8 weeks have had various issues....check my other posts.... You guys use to be the best and quite frankly I am disappointed and getting sick of it.

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Hello Orion!
While you are not the first to report this issue, I have seen only one other post regarding this.  I have various versions of WSA installed on 4 Android devices, at least one of which is the exact same download you are using, and not a single one is experiencing any problems.  In other words, it would appear at this time it is a rare error, and I would quess specific to very certain environments.  A rare issue can, and will, happen happen from time to time under any platform.
Please submit a Trouble Ticket (link below).  This is the best way to report the issue I think given the steps you have already taken.  Support needs such ticket dats in order to locate and correct the problem.
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Hi Orion
Sorry to hear about the issues that you are experiencing.  CAn appreciate the need to rant but I would strongly recommend that you Open a Support Ticket ASAP so that the Support Team can take look/investigate.  Rather than regurgitate all that you haev  written here just include the link to this thread and that should cover it.
i have 5 devices......all have the issue.  You mus tbe the "lucky one" who doesn't have it.
not "ranting" making it perfectly clear that the last updates software and virus protection wise have sucked and all hav had issues.....not a rant "pal"...just staing facts.  and since I pay for this service i am entitled to say what I want.....thanks very much for your biased opion.
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What models are your other devices?
I do not think I am the lucky one...several of us on here have already reported we are not seeing an issie with the latest update.  I am thinking it might be something like the last time you had an issie that only affected devices from a single maker.
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We are trying to help 🙂    I believe Baldrick was merely trying to help you submit a clean and clear trouble ticket to be of assistance to Support so they can be of assistance to you.
Yes, you are paying, and rightly expect the product to work correctly, but we do all have to maintain a civil discourse here....  lets not get into negative commentary that would be a violation of Community Guidelines please.  Paying or not, Webroot employee, customer, or volunteer like we are doesn't matter in regards to what we say, or how we say it.
Listen "Friend".....I am not swearing, using foul language or the please do not threaten me with "civil discourse".....i have read the guideleines.....nothing I am posting is in any way shape or form in breaking any of please stick to the point at hand....versus throwing your preverbisal electron based weight around in a webroot chat room.......p-l-e-a-s-e....this is how companies get bad press and lose value so please mark YOUR tone and response...or better yet if you have nothing to contribute say nothing.   
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There was no threat, merely a request to keep to the guidelines.  I have been nothing but courteous, and have been attempting to help you by suggesting a ticket, trying to narrow down which make of models are affected, etc etc.
Your tone with me is the one throwing attitude....not mine.  As such, you are not my 'friend', and I will cease any further attempts to help you.  I am a volunteer here, not an employee, and so while you may say what you want, you cannot say it to me.
Good day.
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Oh, and before you post further, keep in mind that generally the Community is staffed by volunteers.... and I tend to doubt after your previous comments and attitude the others are likely to be willing to attemot to help.  I suggest you follow my original suggestion and submit a ticket.
Good day.
David...please do not attempt to flip this on were the one who started throwing your "assumed weight" around by making a have not been courteous.....and if you are a volunteer that is good....because you should not be getting paid for what you provide....."submit a ticket"...c'mon dude.....already done BEFORE i posted here.....
and ummm..."friend" was in it was kinda stating the fact that you are not......nor have you been helpful.
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My apologies, PAL! I was only trying to say that I understand where you are coming from and that you are entitled to speak at length in an impassioned way about an issue.  That is all...and it is not a biased opinion...I have no bias to one side or another.
As I a Support Ticket, linking this thread to it and then Support will have (i) the details of your issue and (ii) a clear understanding of how you feel on the subject...both of which they need to know/understand.
I hope that they manage to sort the issue for you.
PS.  And if they are not responding to your ticket then just let us know and we will see if we can escalate it for you via the office of our most excellent Community Manager, Nic.
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Hmmm I'm out! 😉
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Hi Orion,
I understand that you are upset, but the community is just trying to help with your issue.  We strive to have a friendly and courteous community here, so I'm going to have to ask you to please stop making personal attacks on people.
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Download the new version released today.  Check to see if problem still exists.  Update your Trouble Ticket if it you still have a problem.