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  • 31 January 2019
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Sometimes when I unlock my phone my browser will automatically pull up a website called "livemobile search". I first thought it was adware so I bought a subscription to webroot but I've scanned my phone a few times and nothing came up, anyone know what's wrong? Also I'm not sure why but Firefox used to automatically pull up but now it's chrome

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3 replies

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This could be a PUA (potentially unwanted application), and although this article is a bit old, it should provide more context.
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Thank you for the quick reply but I'm not using a PC and I haven't installed any new programs recently, I also only install apps through Google play store so I doubt they'd have any PUAs on there
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Hello thelastjoe,

Please note that Spam can get on your phone just from browsing and PUAs have been known to be downloaded as well. Since Webroot doesn't detect Spam or some PUAs.

The Google Play Store isn't 100% safe for there's ways around that site that misses these culprits too.

Edited: Clean the Chrome browser history and that should help. You can make Firefox your default browser can't you?

I would use Malwarebytes for an Android to see if it gets rid of Livemobile search .

Hope this helps?