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  • 24 February 2013
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Hi. I've got a concern about webroot on my android phone.
This evening while I was making a call, my phone came up with the "device locked" message. This is despite the fact that I had not activated any of the lost device protection actions, changed my sim card or done anything that should have resulted in my device being locked. I also noticed that the "emergency call" feature of the locked device screen didn't work - pressing it just prompted me to enter my password again, so had I needed to make an emergency call during this time I would have been unable to, which is a bit worrying.
I have since managed to unlock it by resetting my password online, but I am concerned about how it came to be locked in the first place. I use this phone for work, so if this were to happen again during the work day and prevent me from making or answering calls it would be a big problem for me.
Would anyone be able to let me know why my device might have been locked? Prior to this happening, I had only been using the phone to make normal calls, to numbers which I call frequently.
Thanks in advance!

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2 replies

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I apologize that this happened and I am glad it did not interfere with your job. We may be able to investigate what triggered the lock by gathering mobile logs through our support system. I have only seen device locks when the SD card is removed or when a lock is manually triggered, but to investigate this instance it would be best to Submit a Support Ticket. You can let me know when you do and I will send the log gathering instructions.
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Hey itsapanda- I was just wondering if you opened a support ticket and if you need further assistance. I did not see a ticket under your email address and wanted to make sure that you were taken care of.
Marking this thread as resolved, please let me know if you need assistance.