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  • 27 February 2015
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I have Webroot on both my PC andmy mobile using WSA complete and its mobile equivalent on an Xperia T.  The Xperia T keeps informing me that mylogin details are incorrect.athough Webroot works perfectly.  Should I haveadiferentpassword for this device? or is there something else I have done wrong. I have arelatively secure password.

8 replies

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Hello RodWilliams,
Your password is the same for all devices with your Webroot account. Have you installed the correct version for your mobile device? Please look here,
Also if you need instructions to download the correct version then look here.
If you continue to have issues then you can submit a Support Ticket as well. They can check out this for your Xperian T.
Please let us know how it goes ok Rod?
Kind Regards
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Hello Again,
Have you gone into your Accoiunt Console and checked the permissions and set Mobile device for access? Try this below.
Go to the Account Console and log in.  If you have not yet created your Account Console, you need to do this in order to log into the mobile apps correctly.
Once logged in, click your email address at the upper right corner and choose "Manage Users" from the dropdown.
Locate the profile (Email address) you are wanting to use to log in.  Check to make sure that all permissions are set to Access.  If you have WSA Internet Security Plus for your computer, you will need Mobile Security and Password access.  If you have WSA Complete for your computer, you will need Mobile Security, Back & Synch and Passwords all set to access.  If you do not have a license for your computer, and are using only the standalone Android app, you will need just Mobile Security set to access.
If these permissions are not correct, click the little "person icon" at the far right end of the profile you need to edit.  On the next screen, click the Access & Permissions tab at the top.  Adjust your settings here, and while you are here check the key code listed. If you are using the Mobile App as part of the protection you received  with WSA for your computer, the key code must not be expired, and if you have WSA Internet Security Plus or WSA Complete for your computer this key code should match what you are using on the computer application.  If the Key Code expired or does not match the key code for your computer, you may need to Submit A Trouble Ticket for assistance.  Changes to settings in the Account Console can take 20-30 minutes to take effect, so grab a chair, a nice cold glass of water and relax a few minutes.  
Hopefully SOMETHING in this overly long reply will help!  
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I have premium version on my laptop (windows) and the same license code on my xperia. It looks as though webroot is working ok, and my xperia is included as a registered device shown on my laptop.  However I have a notification that my details are invalid.
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Hi RodWilliams,
Well if you are sure you have the  correct WSAC Android download  from the Google Play Store for experia. Then I'd advise you to Submit a Support Ticket free of charge so they can check this out for you.
Please let us know how this turns out for you, Ok?
Sorry I couldnt help you more.
Best Regards,
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I have rechecked and crosschecked. My xperia shows Webroot secura anywhere mobile complete 3.6 Build 6652. My laptop version is Webroot secure anywhere v8.0.7.33.  My laptop web console shows my xperia to be fully protectedand every thing seems to work. But I still have that notification on my xperia.  thanks for your help Sherry . i think this must be a bug of some sort. Malware Bytes premium confirms my findings .on the laptop.
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. Hello RodWilliams.
Support will take care of this for you. So hang in there and it will get sorted out. Yes you do have the correct builds.
Thanks for getting back to us again...
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It seems Sherigh?knows as much asthe support team. They suggested just the same as Sherigh told me.  I still havethe warning but everything still functions.
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Hello Again RodWilliams,
You can explain to the Support Team that this isn't resolved and that you are still getiing that message.
Just go back to the Support email and sign in again with the code they gave you and explain that you are still getting this error.
Support will continue to help you fix this.
Kind Regards,