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  • 21 February 2013
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I have webroot security complete on my PC and I would like to have the app on my Kindle Fire HD tablet. But I keep getting the "login failed". I've double checked my login account email, password, and code. When I log into my webroot security account on the web, it works perfectly fine. 

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3 replies

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Hello Leonalyn318 and welcome to the forums!
Make sure that you have installed the correct version on your Kindle.  There are  two different free installs, but only one will work correctly with your WSA Complete account.  You can download the WSA Mobile Complete here
I hope this helps, let us know if you are stil having problems!
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David's probably right - looking at your account, I show you have a Complete subscription but that you downloaded the Free version this morning. If we're mistaken, please let us know. 🙂
I apologize for the late reply.
Ah yes, I downloaded the WSA Mobile version to test it if I can login using the same login email, password, and keycode. It worked and I was able to login fine. I then deleted the WSA Mobile version and downloaded the WSA Mobile Complete. I used the same login information and unfortunately received "Error: Login failed. The email or password is incorrect."
I really appreciate and thankful for the help. I guess I'll stick with the WSA mobile free version for the kindle. Thanks again! 🙂