Lost device protection on Kindle Fire-1

  • 26 December 2012
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I am using Webroot on the KF-1.
The App works beautifully ,....Except the location does not work and I receive a "google map error"
There is an updated/upgraded version which is availble but I do not know if that will work.
Any help will be appreciated.

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5 replies

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Non-telephonic devices, such as the Kindle Fire, can still receive Lost Device Protection commands. However, it is not through our primary delivery method, which requires telephonic features. Instead, we do it through a polling feature where the device receives the command the next time that it checks in online (usually within 30 minutes). This delay could be the cause of the "Google Map error" you mentioned.
When you say that there is an updated/upgraded version, are you talking about the SecureAnywhere app? If so, please update your app and try to reproduce the issue.
Thanks Mike for the info,
The upgade I was referring to was the Premier Security and antivirus App for $9.99.
It refers to lost device mapping but I do not know if it will be any better than the free App.
If you know for sure that it does the job of locating device I may give it a try.
I know the accuracy is limited to wifi, but followmee (which is not supported by KF-1 anymore) did locate the device within a few hundred feet.
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The location functionality will not be increased by purchasing the Premier Security & Antivirus app although you receive other great features (Device Wipe, Battery Monitor, App Inspector, etc.).
The device does not use a built in GPS (unless it is the Kindle Fire HD 8.9'' 4G LTE Wireless) and uses wifi triangulation or cell tower network location (for devices with cellular/telephonic support), which are much less accurate. If you are still receiving the "Google Map error", you can try updating your Google Map app or if you sideloaded the app you might want to try a newer apk but Google Maps cannot currently pinpoint the Kindle Fire's location from wifi as it would on a standard Android device.
Thanks again Mike,
Unfortuneately there is no google maps on the KF-1.
I dont know how I could get a download of it to try.
I know that the accuracy of wi-fi is limited, but I just need to know if the location of the kindle changes, since it will be used at a group home and should remain in same vicinity.
I am about to give up since I searched all over and unable to com up with previous working apps (locatemykindle and no longer work since it appears google maps have changed.
If you can help in any way it would be appreciated.
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As I mentioned before, you can sideload certain apps onto your Kindle, but this is not recommended and you will not receive supported updates to the apps from Google. And if you did get it on successfully, the location would not be very accurate unless you are using the Kindle Fire HD LTE Wireless which has GPS functionality and telephonic functionality.
I apologize for the inconvenience and I will let you know if I come accross any apps that perform exceptionally on Kindle products for location and tracking.