Mobile phone number is scrambled on "my webroot". Need to adapt to international area codes.

  • 23 November 2015
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as I (finally) installed and registered my mobile phone with Webroot Complete, my phone number appears scrambled on my account. My phone is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (as I am), so its format should be:
55 - Brazilian code
21 - Rio de Janeiro area code
and a 9 digit phone number (yes, it's that big a number).
But when I register it, and doesn't matter how much I try to edit it, it always shows the number scrambled. Something like 552 (1xx) xxx-xxxx. maybe it works for someone from Granada, but it appears to me that Webroot's page and phone registration is not prepared for foreign countries! I suggest that it recognizes the countries, and maybe ask the country before the number is entered, so the format is determined.
Thanks a lot.

3 replies

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looks like a field formatting issue that's not been set up to cope with your long phone nr format. I have it too when i key my belgian phone nr in onto some websites.
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Being in the United States, I had entirely forgotten about this.  I am pretty sure it was discussed something like 1 or 2 years ago here somewhere, though I doubt I can find the thread.
Hopefully this can be corrected or allowed for somehow at some point ???
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I don't remember if there is an issue with this one. Probably the best thing to do is contact support and they'll be able to tell you for sure if there's a fix for this.