Must I reenter any data or in my replacement phone?

  • 25 September 2015
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My original phone was damaged, so I had it replaced via Assurion. However now I am confused as to how I must transfer the Webroot app to my new phone.

5 replies

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Hi nnamdi
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All you really have to do is install it on your new phone as you did it on your old phone, and then sign into the web console (here), go to the the Mobile Device page and deactivate WSA on your old phone.
Dependant one which operating system your phone uses please see here for iOS or here (free) or here (premium) for Android .
Regards, Baldrick
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Hello ?,
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All you need to do is look on the phone for the Google Play Store where your apps are and install Webroot again. Make sure you have your keycode available.
If you need any more help then just let us know.
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Chances are you do not HAVE to deactivate, though the old phone may very well show in the Console if WSA was not uninstalled while still internet connected.
I would mention, however, that if one is using the Premier version for Android you do NOT want to install on the new phone using that... it will charge you again.  Download the free version, and then register with the Premier key code.
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David I couldn't uninstall Webroot from my broken device and on my online account console shows my new cell phone. So I don't know? Of course my old cell is no longer online if it's broken!
Thank you ?:smileyvery-happy
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Hello ?
If I may ask a question here. I upgraded my cell phone the other day (which I turned in to the carrier) from a LG2 to a SamsungNote and I just went to the play store and reinstalled WSAC to my device and I didnot have to deactivate. Looking in my online Account Console it shows my new phone listed. Maybe if you have the same cell number then maybe you don't have to deactivate? I always did think you would have to deactivate too?
Can I ask ? what he thinks?