online mobile security control panel question

  • 9 October 2019
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When I go to the online mobile security panel it shows :

  • 0 Devices Protected
  • 0 Devices Needing Attention
  • 0 Devices Infected
I have started a scan and restarted my phone. I have uninstalled secure anywhere and reinstalled secure anywhere and the same with secure web from the play store on my phone. On my phone it shows that I am protected, I have secure anywhere, secure web and that lost device protection is on but on the online control panel I show no current device, only add device. When I go to add device it shows security complete (old) is installed. When I click on installed it says this item isn't available. When I go to the other webroot mobile security and antivirus app, it shows installed and in faded type it shows Vortex Matrix, your device already has this item installed. I have a Vortex Matrix phone running android version 5.1, if that makes a difference?

2 replies

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Hello @bradensz

Sorry to hear that this has not been resolved. We apoligize for any and all inconvieneces. Would you please go ahead and Submit a Support Ticket or Contact Webroot Technical support directly. The Support Team are the only ones that can fix the Online Account Console for you. Sorry about that...
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Do you have WSA Complete Mobile listed in your Online Account Console? If you do will you deactivate (Remove) that device in the Console and Remove any other Mobile devices that you have listed? Then uninstall Webroot from your Vortex Matrix, restart your phone and then reinstall Webroot from the Google Play Store again. Check your Online Account Console one more time and see if the device is registered in your account. If this does not work then Webroot Support is your last resort for help.

Get back to us if you have any trouble.