Persistent Status not showing in mobile app

  • 18 April 2019
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I had to install my app a couple times due to it showing me that I needed to do a security scan. After numerous scans I decided to uninstall and reinstall the app. This made the issue go away but now I find a new one. I keep getting the shield notification on my status bar as well as a dot on my app, meaning it needs my attention. Everything is in order and I have "fixed" once more all the issues that needed attention and yet it still shows me the notification.

My notification says "No problems detected", I assumed it had something to do with the persistent status after a small research but that option is missing! I opened, closed, opened, restarted phone, still nothing. I have gone into General settings and I only see "Support Options" Nothing about "Persistent Status" underneath or around it.

For now I'm just turning off all notifications from the app because at this point it feels like an eyesore. Is this an issue with the free version? I will upgrade to give extra protection to my phone but not at the moment.

If this helps in some way, my Phone is a OnePlus A6013

3 replies

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Scan out of date issue:

Status bar shield and shortcut bubble ("dot") notifications:

I'm pretty sure those are the new default normal, at least that's how I remember it was on my Android 9 phone even before the bad update and after the new "fixed" update The "persistent status" option setting seems to have disappeared also with the new "fixed" update.

I have a paid version.
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Same issue on Galaxy S9. As a result, turned off all notification permissions. But now if a threat is found, will I not receive an alert?


Has there been any workarounds for this? I know this is an old thread, but I've been searching the internet for a resolution to no avail. I have a hard time believing that I have to live with this permanent notification (eyesore) or no notifications at all...