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  • 7 November 2012
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Webroot lock my phone and siad I needed their password for my account.  My sims card wasn't working, so I turned my phone off and then back on. Then Webroot said that my phone was locked at the request of the owner, but I didn't tell it to lock. I don't know my webroot password for the phone or the email for the account, because my dad put it on my phone. How can I unlock my phone? Please Help!!

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6 replies

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This lock is part of the Lost Device Protection that comes with the SecureAnywhere app. Here is an article that explains the SIM card lock screen and how to unlock the device.
Locked Device on SIM Card Removal
Lost Device Protection does its job well and will require the password that was created. If your dad does not remember the password that was created, you can perform a Password Reset and you can try to unlock the device with the new password. However, if the device is not connected to a data plan or wifi network, the old password is stored locally and will need to be used. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.
But if I have the same SIM card as before why would it lock in the first place?
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The removal of the SIM card is what typically triggers a lock. What is the make and model of your device and which carrier do you use? I am also curious if your SIM card can be removed without removing the battery first.
My phone is a Pantech Crossover P8000 and I use AT & T.  The SIM card can't be removed without removing the battery. I have had to remove the SIM card before, when my phone wasn't reading it, but I haven't gotten locked out before.
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A lock is not triggered f you remove the SIM card and replace it without turning the phone on in between.
I looked up your account using the email address you signed up with here on the Community and you have a MyWebroot Account. If you do not have the password somewhere to reference you can use the Reset Password function.
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I took the sim card out and put it back. It locked. I am impatient and I got my new phone today, so I did a reset. I only need it to make and get calls until noon tomorrow.