[Possible Bug] Mobile and Web Console

  • 8 June 2017
  • 6 replies

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Having a small bug in the console which says my android device requires attention. But i open the app on my phone and nothing is showing as a problem.
Ran scans on the phone and yet it still says it needs attention

6 replies

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When you're in the console on your Computer and click the device that requires attention, it should say what the problem is.
Could you let us know what the message says?

Also, make sure that you're looking at the right device if you have more than one mobile device on your console.
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Oh never mind, can you remove the post haha.
Its because i have lost device protection disabled. Is there any way to remove that message without enabling it?
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No need to remove the post!
I let our Mobile Expert Sophia know and she told me they discovered this as a bug and were able to reproduce it.
We really appreciate you letting us know! :cathappy:
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I'm having this same problem now and everything is enabled. My Console says my mobile app needs attention, "current scan out of date" so I open the app, scan and nothing changes. The scan completes and shows no problems so what's up with the message? Also, when I click the "how to fix" button it talks about 'responding to alerts' but my phone shows no alerts. I don't know if the is a glitch or what? Any suggestions? Phone seems fine... also, when I go to my console on my laptop, it doesn't show my laptop. I click on the blank space and it shows my laptop then, but not on the console. That's what makes me think I have some kind of glitch. Any ideas? Thanks
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I haven't heard of this specifically happening much recently. Would you mind working with us over the phone so we can troubleshoot? If so, we can be reached at 1-866-612-4227.
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I will contact you shortly, thank you!