Preventing access through the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection by a device owned by another person.

  • 25 December 2012
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A few days ago someone accessed my Android phone through either the Wi-Fi or the Bleutooth port and installed an app that threatened to disable all data and Internet services.  I suspect that it was a prank that doesn't actually do anything because there was no effect to the operation of my phone but it was insulting and irritating to have my phone attacked in this way. 
I have since installed Webroot Secure Anywhere and I was wondering if it prevents such attacks and does it log any information that would help me to identify the culprit if necessary?

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Good news, bad news...
It's not possible to trigger an app install remotely through Bluetooth of WiFi unless the device is rooted or has a severe exploit issue.  The only way otherwise is by accessing your account on the Google Play Store.
Unfortunately, since all of these use methods that circumvent the Android security APIs, there is no way for any security app to block it, so Webroot cannot either.
It sounds like a joke app, which is not necessarily something that would be blocked, however if you are able to determine the name or ID of the app, we can take a look at it.