Renewed license but not showing on mobile app

  • 18 December 2012
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I renewed my licence with a new key code on Sunday, which is working fine on my pc. However, my mobile application is showing the licence as expired, even though it supposedly checks for licence updates every 24 hours. The 'force licence check' option is ghosted so I cannot select it. Please advise.

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9 replies

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Hello amitvdixit and welcome to the Webroot Community.Sorry to hear about your issue.It would probably be best you contact support by opening a ticket here
They will get back to you and resolve your problem very quickly.
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Welcome to the forum amitvdixit!
Your Complete subscription is associated correctly but it looks like you have the free version of the app installed on your mobile device. To resolve this issue, please uninstall the free app Security & Antivirus and install the SecureAnywhere Complete app from the Google Play Store. 
You can then enter your credentals that you use on your MyWebroot account along with your Complete keycode that I have sent you in a private message. 
I have the secure anywhere complete app, not the free app, and the problem hasn't been resolved.
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Please open the app>tap the Android menu button>tap Register (edit)>and Send me a Private Message with the keycode listed.
Mike, do you mind me asking who you are before I send you my keycode?
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Of course you can. :D
And I already know your keycodes, I just wanted to make sure you have the SecureAnywhere Complete keycode attached to your app. because on the back end it is showing that you are using the free app.
Meet Mike R (I'm on the bottom)
Okay, here you go.
Keycode Removed by Admin.
Careful there!  If you need to communicate a keycode to us, please use a private message!
I got a bit key happy and selected success by accident
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That keycode is to your expired SecureAnywhere Complete subscription. Please uninstall the app and reinstall from the Google Play Store. I have sent your a private message with the keycode to use when it asks you for your credentials.
I have also associated your new keycode to your MyWebroot account so everything should work smoothly after you have reinstalled the SecureAnywhere Complete app and entered the keycode I have sent you.