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  • 20 February 2016
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Just installed to my HTC Android Ph. When Logging in accepts first 12 characters of "Keycode" then starts duplicating keystrokes?
Any ideas??

4 replies

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Hi OzCat
Welcome to the Community Forums.
I have not heard of this happening before so we are in somewhat uncharted territory. I would therefore suggest that you should try to (i)( reset your phone...soft not hard reset & (ii) uninstall and reinstall the mobile version of WSA, to see if that has helped/a faulty installation is the cause of your issue.
If neither of those things help your only recourse would be to Open a Support Ticket, to get the Support Team to take a look at this and advise.
Regards, Baldrick
Hi Baldrick, Thanks for the reply.
   I uninstalled S-A. then downloaded the "FREE" version and installed succesfully.Tried to upgrade to registered version and same
problem  xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-6F7C-          (Keycode)
                xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-66F              when I type the F I get 6F backspacing, retyping has no effect, so tried to add the 7
                                         66F7-66F7-C66F-7C      The auto complete completes,
Can't fathom wether this is S-A prob or HTC prob.  Does anyone know how to turn of the predictor "feature" of keyboard?
(By "soft" reset do you mean turn phone OFF then turn ON? )  
Hi Folks,  HOLD EVERYTHING! It's Fixed!  Found the "predictor" settings, turned off both letter and word predictions. Turned phone OFF and ON the entered keycode without probs and upgraded to "complete" version.
Great Joy!
Thanks Again.
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Hi OzCat
That is excellent news. Well done for sorting it yourself.
Regards, Baldrick