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  • 29 August 2012
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Whenever Webroot checks a new or updated download it gives an audible notification.
How can I change or eliminate that audible notification?
This is the only application that doesn't have this option.

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Most likely, you are mistaking your phone's audible notification for being Webroot's.  Webroot has no such audible notifications of its own.  Your path to get to your phone's audible notification settings may be different, but on my Gingerbread phone it's Settings > Sound > Notifications > Notifications Ringtone.  That sounds comes on all the time for me whenever an app downloads or updates or if I receive new email or text messages.  Try setting it to Silent.  Keep in mind, this isn't your ringtone for when people call.  It's for stuff like updates, emails, etc.
Otherwise, what you're asking is if we can disable that notification sound when Webroot updates.  That isn't a built-in feature because the mobile app updates quite infrequently.  It gets definition updates quite often, but those do not initiate a sound.  A program update might, but if you check the release notes area, you'll notice we last updated twice this month, and prior to that, the last update was in June.  So if we average one update per month or less, the inclusion of such a feature does not really seem merited.
Thank you Jim.
I set the default sound to silent.
I have been getting frequent sounds on my Razr Maxx with Ice Cream Sandwich.  The phone was just replaced and all of the apps were reinstalling and updating.  it appears that Webroot was checking many of those installations and updates and some were occurring in the middle of the night.  Waking up to the D-R-O-I-D sound is less than pleasant.
I am optimistic that your answer will solve this.
I appreciate your timely reply.