Threat unable to be removed

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Updated defs, scanned and good to go!
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I am told by one of our threat researchers that this issue is now fixed in the new definitions we just released.  :)
Definitions will update automatically for you daily by default.  However, if you would like to manually update your definitions, you can open Webroot, tap Security, tap Antivirus, tap Schedule, and tap Force Definitions Update Now.
I'm having the same problem as of this morning - cannot remove mobile tracker   My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830.
Appreciate the prompt response and explanation! Thanks, I'll update soon and let you know!
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I am investigating it now, and will update the thread once I have an answer for you guys.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
We found the issue and will be pushing out a fix pretty soon. It's just a definitions update, not a version update, so next time you scan (once the defs are pushed) the issue will be sorted out.
For what it's worth, some spyware are using the same names as system apps on Samsung devices, and we will be able to make much more accurate assessements on the trustworthyness of applications very soon.
Same here. Samsung galaxy S2 2.3.6
  Faced the same problem today.  No new appl installed. 
Galaxy note 4.0.3
urgent ...
Oh im on a Galaxy S2 4.0.3
Hi ppl
iv had a threat on my phone that webroot can not remove
is this a real threat if so help tryed scaning with avast and no threats found ???????
i can ignore the threat but it just gets picked up again on another scan.????
Just picked up this mobile tracker threat too and cannot remove.   Does Webroot check these forums and reply if this is a genuine threat and will it be able to remove it?   Have a Samsung Galaxy S and also have Lookout but it isn't picking up this threat.
same threat this morning on Galaxy SII with 2.3.3
I had the same threat alert on my phone as well. I am unsure if it is a valid threat or not.
I have a Samsung Galaxy S with 2.3.x