To add additional phone on my current aacount

  • 17 November 2019
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I have a account with my laptop and one phone . I want to add a additional phone on the same account. Can I do it and assist me please.

2 replies

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Hello @Hendrik 

I believe you can do it. I’ll ping our Mobile Security Guru @Ssherjj and she will be able to give you the correct instructions.



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Hello @Hendrik 

Welcome to the Webroot Community,


Thank you @ProTruckDriver for the ping. :blush:


Yes please follow these instructions to install Webroot on your device below. But make sure to notice when prompted to set up an account, tap "I already have a Webroot account" and enter your account username and password, along with your Keycode.  That should get your device on your already Online Account Console.

  1. Search for Webroot according to your device:
    1. Android: in your apps menu, select the Google Play Store and search for "Webroot" or follow this link, and install the Mobile Security app.
    2. Kindle: from the Home screen, tap Apps, then tap Store. Tap the search box. Enter "Webroot" and tap Search. Install the Mobile Security app.
  2. Once the install is complete, open the app and tap Agree & Launch.
  3. If you do not have a keycode, tap Skip and proceed to Step 4. If you do have a keycode, tap Activate and enter your SecureAnywhere keycode. Tap OK once the keycode has been activated successfully.
  4. Tap Fix This Now to go through additional settings that can be activated. Please read each one carefully to see if it is something you want to enable or not before tapping either Fix This Now or Ignore. You can always change these options later in the settings.
  5. Tap View Additional Features to go through additional features you have available. These will vary based on your subscription type.
  6. After going through all the options, tap Finish. Webroot Mobile Security is now installed and protecting your device.

If you have any issues then you can always Submit a Support Ticket and they will gladly help you free of charge and they will fix you right up.


Hope this helps?