trojan on computer Smsreg

  • 4 May 2015
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Hello, i have a trojan called Smsreg on my android phone i do do not know how to get it off, please help

1 reply

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Hello darksamurai773, and Welcome to the Webroot Community.
Please have a read of this, which I hope will help, and please let us know if you have questions:
"Since the app is bundled with the factory-installed software, you will need to manually go and disable this app. This can be done in the Android application manager, where this app will be listed as "SmsReg". If you scroll down to "SmsReg" in the applications list and tap it, it will bring up information about the app as well as the option to disable it.
Once the app has been disabled, it is no longer functioning. At this point, we recommend running another scan with Webroot. If the app is detected again, go ahead and check the checkbox to "Always ignore this threat" and tap the button to ignore it. Since the app is disabled, there is no need to keep scanning it."
Edit: If you have an active subscription then you can Submit a Support Ticket  to ensure you are safe also.