Unable to Contact my device when off

  • 28 July 2019
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I'm new to this app and asking if I can get help plz? I had my phone stolen when I fell asleep in a public place. I remember turning the phone off at 12:16am. I'm trying to get webroot to locate my device but it's only saying that it's unable to contact the device. Looking like it has yet to be powered back up bcuz each other new search says same. My question is: can I do something to get last known location and is there a way to find the device while it's turned off? Are user's limited to what they have access to compared to getting in contact with your company? If u have the ability to find the device while it's off would you mind sharing with me 😊

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Hello @Strawman ,

Welcome to the Webroot Community,

Sorry to hear that your device was stolen. Please have a look HERE

Also here is more information/help . Some of it is outdated but the Lost Device is the same.

Locate: Locks your phone (same as the Lock command,) then responds with a link to a Google Maps page showing your phone's current location. Note: For the Locate command to work, the device must have either a GPS, Wi-Fi, or a telephony connection. Also, if your device does not support SMS or if Webroot does not support your carrier, then you must have logged into the Android Marketplace on the device running Android version 4.0 or greater with a data connection.

If you need more help you can certainly contact Webroot Support and see if they can assist you further. More contact info

Hope this helps & Good luck!