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I'm having the same problems as well.  Everything works fine on the laptop, but no luck with the android app.  Thanks in advance for the help!
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Hey josh72484!
It looks like your online account has been inactive for quite some time. To fix this issue just create a new My Webroot Account with a new email and use the SecureAnywhere Complete keycode. Then try entering your new credentials into the Android app. We need to make the account under a new email address because the subscription that expired in 2010 was associated with the Gmail account.
Please let me know if you have any other questions 😉
Thanks Mike.  I tried to create a new account with the new keycode, but was unable to because the keycode has already been registered under a different account. 
This is the error message if that helps: Error(URFL103):Unable to register the keycode.
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Hey josh72484,
Thank you for those details, the error (URFL103) should not happen again. Please try once again to create a new My Webroot Account with a different email address than your Gmail account. Use your new SecureAnywhere Complete keycode when creating this account please.
I will Private Message you this Complete keycode. Thank you for your patience!
Hello,   I am having the same proplem as everyone elso on this thread.   Mike, I have already sent you a message with my keycode. Thanks for your help!
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Thanks for joining the Community. I have associated your My Webroot Account to your SecureAnywhere Complete keycode.
Everything should be working correctly now!
This is a great place for fast answers.
cj responded in a private message: "Thanks Mike! Everything works right now!"
I have recently bought a 'complete' licence upgrading from my previous antivirus licence.  I now have two serial numbers registered against my account (one for each - the first new and the latter with 10 days until expiry).
I have installed your android app on two phones however each of them when entering details (and serial for complete) it says  "your user credentials are not associated with the SecureAnywhere Complete keycode...blah blah blah.
Firstly it seems this forum has a number of messages of a similiar nature that you seem to solve each time for various reasons with the forward of welcome to the community etc.  Well so far I have had to:
Figure out 'by trial and error/google searches' that I need to register the keycode on the website - why isn't this explained on your startup screen or somewhere easily accessible for the infrequent/new user?
Reset my password and security code (because I had forgotten them - my bad), but then told that I need to use ex amount of numbers/letters etc (I think I should have the option to choose what I want and not have to had some format dictated to me so I have to write it down somewhere (defeating the object of stronger passwords).
Then I have had to join this community and choose yet another username and password to do that (getting really bored of your security protocols now)!
Only now (having wasted in excess of forty minutes) being able to ask you to make the thing work that should have been working in the first place.
Please, please please do not patronise me my welcoming me to a community that I have no interest in being part of, but simply rectify the problem regarding whatever configuration faux pas I have walked down so I can have what I have paid for.
With thanks,
Mark Morris
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Hi Mark,
I'm sorry about the frustration you are experiencing. Please send me a private message with your new keycode so that I can associate the new keycode with your portal account. We will be here for about another hour today (til 6 PM), and will be available tomorrow starting at 9 AM MT.
Also, I'd like to mention for future reference that you can open a support ticket by simply sending us a message here. That is the preferred method for some who prefer to contact us directly.
Hi George,
I too am facing the same issue. Websecure Anywhere Complete installed without any problems on my PC but after installing it on my Samsung Galaxy SII, i'm getting "Your user credentials are not associated with this SecureAnywhere Complete keycode. Make sure you have created this user on and try again" while trying to open the app after installation.
Your urgent help will be appreciated.
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Hi Rahul,
Please send me a private message with your new keycode so that I can associate the new keycode with your portal account.
I'll be available for another hour today and will be back in the office on Tuesday.
Thank you!
Hi George,
Can I have your email address pls. My mail to bounced back.
Thank you ProTruck Driver.
Hi George,
I have sent you my keycode in a private message.
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Your Welcome. 😃
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Mark and Rahul,
George is out of the office today.  I've taken care of this for both of you.  The accounts should now be properly associated.
Development is aware of association issues that occur when a user gets a new Complete keycode instead of renewing an old one for which they have already created an online account.  We are reporting every instance of this occurance to development as they come in.  Hopefully this is something development will have fixed soon.  Unfortunately we do not have a release date for a fix yet at this time.
Thanks Jim. It's working now.
There as a similar post about being unable access account on android phone.  Error says "your user credentials are not associated with this SecureAnywhere Complete Keycode...."  I took the keycode off from the website I log into.  I did have a problem with dual webroot apps with different names but were the same app.
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Hi TSJackson66,
Could you please private message me the email address your account is set up under, the keycode you are attempting to use, and the prior keycode that was in use?  I will be happy to move the account from the old keycode to the new one for you, which will resolve this error.
You can private message me by clicking here.
@ wrote:
Hi JM,
So sorry about the issue you're experiencing with your phone. Please send me your email and keycode in a private message (please don't post it here) so we can look up your account and see what might need to be fixed.

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Hi jmjp2007,
George is out of the office today so I'm hopping in for him to get this resolved! :D
Your Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete keycode wasn't associated with your "MyWebroot" account so I went ahead and did that for you.
Now you should be able to log in to the Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete Mobile App on your Android device with no problems!
Let me know if you have any other questions!
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Hey jmjp2007,
Just wanted to follow up with you and make sure the issue is resolved and the Webroot SecureAnywhere mobile app is working properly now. Let me know! :D
I'm having the same problem as everone else here, try to activate my new key for webroot complete (on my android) and it says about the user credentials not associated with my account.
any help appreciated
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Hey chaznay363,
Welcome to the Community!
Good news! You should be good to go. 😃 Your "MyWebroot" account was associated to an expired Webroot SecureAnywhere Essentials keycode so I went ahead and associated it with your new Complete keycode and it looks like the association went through smoothly. 
You should now be able to log in to your Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete mobile app with no more problems. Let me know if you have any other questions!
I'm having the same issue and I don't see where to change the association between the complete and an older free app.
Same problem as JM . . . . can you help please?
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Hello joymi, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums. :D
Someone from the Webroot Team will be online soon to sort your problem out today.